Hi, I'm Shane Birkel.

Relationships are hard. I'm a Licensed Therapist and I'm here to help.

Hi, I'm Shane Birkel.

Relationships are hard. I'm a Licensed Therapist and I'm here to help.

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At the heart of every issue that couples experience is a fundamental question.


Am I staying in the relationship because I think I SHOULD, because it would be the
WRONG decision to leave? Or am I staying because this is what I truly want?

True intimacy cannot exist in staying out of sense of obligation.


What you need is clarity.
What you need is to realize this relationship is a choice.
What you need is to have a voice about what you want, listen to what
your partner wants, and deal with the conflict in a respectful, compassionate way.


I help people figure out what they authentically want and help them communicate about that.
Each person needs to learn to have a voice. Each person needs to learn to listen.

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Hi. I’m Shane Birkel.

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


More specifically I am someone who sparks change in people’s lives and relationships. 

I help individuals and couples who want to feel satisfied in their connection with their partner, but feel like no matter what they do it just leads to stress and frustration.

I support them in exploring their history and uncovering patterns they may not even be aware of so that they can begin to have more control of their emotions and be excited about their relationship again.


I know from my years of experience working with individuals and couples with relationship issues that you have the ability to make big changes in your life.


If you are ready to do the work, you will be amazed at how capable you are to explore parts of yourself you never knew existed.

The process of therapy can allow you to grow more quickly than you ever have before.