What's Included with the
Couples Therapist Inner Circle Membership

Monthly Workshops on Couples Therapy Topics

Each month there is a new workshop taught by other experts in the field. These videos are dropped into the membership and always available for you to watch when it is convenient for you. After you watch, you can ask questions and have discussions in the group.

Past and upcoming workshops:

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy with Rebecca Jorgensen
  • Working with Sex in Couples Therapy with Erika Miley
  • Gottman Strategies for Roommate Syndrome with Laura Heck
  • Working with Couples and Infidelity with Jennifer Lagrotte
  • Special Coronavirus Telehealth Training
  • Relational Life Therapy with Shane Birkel
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Ongoing Consultation and Support

Three times per month webinar where you can ask questions about couples therapy or bring cases to discuss and receive feedback.

As soon as you join the membership you will receive full access to past webinars.

You will also have the opportunity to set up a one on one consultation call with Shane Birkel to talk about a case.

Choose as much or as little involvement as you'd like:

  • Post questions beforehand to be addressed during the webinar
  • Come on live during the webinar and ask questions or discuss a case
  • Post questions in the comments as it is happening
  • Watch Live or catch it afterwards in the private Facebook group; all past videos are stored in the membership site

Exclusive Facebook Group Access

This group by itself is worth the price of the membership.

It is a small group so we can really get to know each other and provide support to one another.

I try to be available there on a daily basis.

This private group setting is where you can:

  • Become part of a community of other therapists working with couples
  • See all the questions and conversations that people are talking about
  • Ask questions about any topics related to working with couples
  • Get up-to-date information on what is going on in the membership
  • Ask about cases you have and how to work with them

Resources, Bonuses & Handouts

Receive up-to-date information about Couples Therapy

Hosting the Couples Therapist Couch podcast has given me a unique opportunity to interview many leaders in the field of Couples Therapy.

Part of my goal with this membership is to keep you up-to-date about all that is new in our field:

  • Information on the newest published books and articles
  • Examples of paperwork and forms for use in your couples therapy practice
  • Comparisons of different models of couples therapy
  • Practical handouts and activities to be implemented in your own couples therapy practice

"I am a member of the Couples Couch Facebook group and listen to your podcast almost on a daily basis. Just wanted to thank you for what you do. I’ve only been doing couples therapy work since February and I find your interviews to be one of the most helpful learning materials that I use! The content, people you interview, and the resources are so relevant in the work I do. Definitely appreciated!" Brandi Gibson, LCPA in North Carolina

"I would like to thank you so much for creating this amazing community of couples therapists who walk in many different modalities and approaches! I have been running my own private practice for 5 years in NZ and to have finally discovered your podcasts is like a lifeline for me. Not to mention the lovely FB community that share resources and the inevitable challenges that come up in our practices. This is a truly helpful and inspiring forum so thank YOU Shane Birkel!" Kira Follas, Private Practice Counselor in New Zealand

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I'm Shane Birkel,

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with private practice near Boston

I am the creator and host of the podcast, The Couples Therapist Couch about the practice of couples therapy where I've had the opportunity to interview Sue Johnson, Terry Real, Harville Hendrix, Ellyn Bader, Harriet Lerner, Bill Doherty, and so many other leaders in the field.

I have been working with couples for ten years and am a certified Relational Life Therapist.

I want to help you have the private practice of your dreams.

The sad reality I found when starting to work with couples...

  • Couples Therapy is nothing like individual therapy and my MFT program did not prepare me for the work
  • I needed more training, but didn't know where to start; there were so many options like Gottman, EFT, RLT, IMAGO, PACT
  • I was alone in private practice without a community to turn to
  • I felt a lack of confidence about how to create real change for the couples I worked with
  • I didn't have a place to bring my questions and get support on an ongoing basis about all of the issues that I were coming up, like sex, parenting, finances, infidelity, communication, etc.


This is why I created the Couples Therapist Couch Podcast and Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is the Ultimate Peer Supervision Group For Couples Therapists

  • You know you need more training, but you don't know which one to start with.

  • You wish you could get good consultation, but it's so expensive.

  • You want to feel confident enough to handle any issue that comes up in session.

  • You want direct, personal feedback from other Couples Therapists right after sessions.

Receive Quality Training

without diving into a $5,000 program or spending two years of your life

Receive Ongoing Support

from a community that can answer questions as they come up

Bring Back the Excitement

...that feeling you
once had about your work

Become a Leader

build a six figure practice and
become a community leader

Become Confident

in knowing what to do when going into
every couples therapy session

Join the Inner Circle

In Summary:

When joining the Couples Therapist Inner Circle Membership, you'll receive:

  • Monthly Workshop about Couples Therapy ($200/month Value)
  • Ongoing Consultation and Support ($200/month Value)
  • Exclusive, Private Facebook Group Access ($100 Value)
  • All of the video recordings (over 100 hours) from the last 3 years available right when you sign up ($5000 Value)
  • One on one consultation call with Shane Birkel ($300 Value)

The Inner Circle Membership will continue to get more expensive for new people signing up, but if you join today, you lock in this price for a lifetime.

Monthly Membership


per month

  • Monthly Training with Experts

  • Three webinars per month

  • Resources, Bonuses, Paperwork, Handouts

  • Access to Private Group

  • One on one call with Shane

  • Personalized Guidance


  • WORKING WITH AFFAIRS BONUS (If you join now)
Pay Monthly

Annual Membership


per year

  • Trainings on Gottman, EFT, Affairs, Sex, and other topics of Couples Therapy

  • Three webinars per month

  • Resources, Bonuses, Paperwork, Handouts

  • Access to Private Group

  • One on one call with Shane

  • Personalized Guidance


  • WORKING WITH AFFAIRS BONUS (If you join now)
3 Months Free
When Paying Annually