Couples Therapy

Are you tired of trying to get through to your partner?

Do you feel like nothing works, no matter what you try?

Do you feel stuck and unclear about what to do?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to get help.

You deserve to feel accepted, understood, and cherished in your relationship.

Whether you are on the brink of divorce, dealing with an affair situation, or just overwhelmed in your life, there is hope.

There is a clear path for you to vastly improve your situation.

Communication Strategies

This FREE mini-workshop includes two sections and an activity to practice in your relationship today

Couples Intensive

Just a warning that I am not a therapist who will just sit back and listen to you. I am very interactive, directive and involved in the sessions.

I will work with you to evaluate exactly what is keeping you stuck and outline steps for each of you to take in order to change.

What I tell you might be difficult to hear at times, but it is necessary for you to make lasting change in your life. Some people have been through 3, 4 or even 5 other therapists before they come to me.

How Does the Couples Intensive Work?


Starting out, it's recommended beginning with an intensive session of a full day or 2 days.

There is certainly no guarantee as every situation is different, but I can usually help couples make progress in 4-8 sessions. Once on the right track, couples often choose to continue meeting, but with more time between sessions.

I have had extensive training and experience in couples therapy and know that working with couples is much different than working with individuals.

For that reason I work in 100 minute sessions as a minimum.

In my experience I have seen couples make better progress with longer sessions. It is easier to make progress with appointments every 2-3 weeks when we are meeting for 100 minutes or more.

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Couples Relationship School


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