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Weekly live webinars with Shane Birkel to ask questions and discuss 


 Workshops created by Shane for you and your partner; educational videos archived and updated available exclusively for members

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Comfortable with recording? Shane will be looking for volunteers to have one-to-one counseling 

"I've watched a lot of your videos and they are helping me with issues I deal with! THANK YOU FOR DOING THESE VIDEOS!"

TikTok User
June 2020

""I watched all of your tiktoks and I'm so thankful! It made me think a lot about my communication skills""

TikTok User
May 2020

"I appreciate your advice so much. Relationships are hard for me due to bad past experiences with them and just your few videos have helped a bit!"

TikTok User
March 2020

"It's the knowledge and your message, man. So many of us can't make the time or money to find the words that help when we need them most. Good stuff. "

TikTok User
June 2020

"You do not know me but I just want to say that you saved my life today, right now. Thank you. I'm grateful for you. "

TikTok User
October 2020

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