039: Lynn Grodzki on Building Your Private Practice

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2018

In grad school we learn all the essentials to become a great therapist. Unfortunately, most therapists come out of that experience lacking any sort of preparation for running a successful business.

It is essential for therapists to know how to run their business in order to serve as many people as possible and not have the financial stressors that impact their ability to do good work.

This is a bonus business episode with Lynn Grodzki, a practice building expert who has helped hundreds of thousands of therapists and helping professionals build the practice they want. Lynn has written 6 books listed below including best seller, Building Your Ideal Private Practice.

She has a new book coming out in May called Therapy With a Coaching Edge.

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Check out Lynn Grodzki's website at privatepracticesuccess.com

Click here to see all of Lynn's books

See Lynn's site for her new book called Therapy With a Coaching Edge


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