019: Hedy Schleifer on Encounter-centered Couples Therapy

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2017

Hedy Schleifer has developed an deep and rich model of working with couples based on her decades of experience as a couples therapist as well as using her own relationship as a "living laboratory."

Encounter-centered Couples Therapy is an experience for one couple to work with the therapist for two full days and connect with each other in a way they have never imagined. In this episode she gives a detailed overview of how she works with couples in this way.

This experience leads to transformational change for the couples and there is more and more research to show that the synaptic process of the brain can be changed through something called memory reconsolidation.

The Couples Therapist Couch is the podcast for Couples Therapists about the practice of couples therapy. The host, Shane Birkel, interviews an expert in the field of couples therapy each week. There is an episode released every Tuesday about the practice of couples therapy.

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For more information visit Hedy's website at hedyyumi.com. She has tons of resources and educational materials on her website so definitely check it out!

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