A Men's Group for Guys Looking to Improve their Relationships

This is an online Men's Group for those who are looking for education, support, and guidance to stop feeling stuck, improve their relationships and take control of their lives. This is all online and you can take it at your own pace.


The Details You Need to Know

In this group you will have access to videos, live webinars, get direction and guidance, and get your questions answered. This group is all on video. There is no "in person" component to the group.

All of the videos are available afterward for the important content. You could realistically get a ton of information from the membership and never be involved with others if you felt uncomfortable about introducing yourself.

There will also be people who do want the personal connection and there will definitely be opportunities for that for those who want it.

You will have the ability to meet each other and connect along with way on your journey. There might also be the opportunity to be on the hot seat and do some of your own work. If this happens it will not be recorded or shared afterward.

*Note: this is not therapy*

Some of the things we cover in this group...

  1. How to feel more connected to your emotions
  2. How to have more control in your life
  3. How to improve your relationships
  4. How to manage anger
  5. How to feel more emotions if you feel numb
  6. How to create freedom in places you feel stuck
  7. How to break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  8. How to feel more of a work/life balance

Who Am I?

My name is Shane Birkel. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I work with couples, relationships, and men. I am a certified Relational Life Therapist with Terry Real as my mentor. 

I have been with my wife for 15 years and have 3 kids who range from High School to Elementary School age.

The Details

After you join you will get an email with more details, but here are the basics.
  1. There will be regular meetings by Zoom that you will be able to attend live.
  2. All of the videos from those meetings are available in the membership area in case you miss any and you want to go back and see them.
  3. These meetings include the relevant topics to the group and guide you on your path.
  4. There will be a group setting like a very private facebook group where you will be able to connect with others and ask questions. I will be available there.
  5. There will be resources for you to make a personalized plan for yourself and get the guidance and support you need to follow through.
  6. You will have opportunity to open up as much or as little as you'd like. Confidentiality is expected and protected for all members.

*Note: This is not therapy*


Join Now



  • Regular live webinars
  • Access to all archived video content in the membership
  • Private group to connect and ask questions
  • Guidance for making a plan for yourself
  • Ongoing personal support

All The Tools You Need To Feel Healthy Emotionally and Improve Your Relationships

The process of feeling healthy emotionally is a lifetime process that requires work. Here you will be given the tools and ability to make a plan for yourself and get the ongoing support and guidance that you need. *Note: This is not therapy*