After feeling burned out as a therapist, I started getting training and experience specifically for couples therapy.

I started a podcast called the Couples Therapist Couch, and have been able to talk to Sue Johnson, Harville Hendrix, Harriet Lerner, Terry Real, Dan Siegel and so many other leaders in the field.

I have a passion for working with couples.

I also have a passion for sharing this knowledge with other therapists, not just through the podcast, but also through the Couples Therapist Inner Circle, where I do regular workshops and answer specific questions related to working with couples.

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179: Healing from Betrayal with LaDonna Carey

178: Trauma-Informed Couples Therapy with Irina Wen

140: Viral Hope Series part 5 with Jerry Sander

139: Viral Hope Series Part 4 with Janeen Herskovitz

138: Viral Hope Series part 3 with Jeanne Farnsworth

137: Viral Hope Series part 2 with Selma Bacevac

Working with Couples 101

  • Learn how to get ready for the first session
  • Learn how to gather information during the intake
  • Learn how to help couples communicate more effectively

Compare the 7 Types of Couples Therapy Models

Which couples therapy training are you considering next?

This 12 page report goes into detail about some of the differences between Relational Life Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman, IMAGO, PACT, Internal Family Systems, and the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.