Therapy for Men

Are you ready to improve the relationship with your family?

  • Want a better relationship?
  • Want to better control your anger?
  • Want to feel less irritated?
  • Want to feel more connected to your kids?
  • Want to feel more satisfied with life?
I'm looking for
a Men's Group
I'm looking for a
Men's Intensive

Men's Group

You will have opportunities for personal connection with Shane and the other group members as well as the ongoing ability to get questions answered.

There is also a library of previous videos that you can watch on your own.

These are about all kinds of topics like emotions, relationships, communication, goal-setting, shame, inner child work, and much more.

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Men's Intensive

This is a 3-day long intensive workshop that will lead to you feeling empowered and unstuck in your life.

In this revolutionary educational and experiential process, participants learn to identify and address those early childhood issues, which have fueled various addictions, depression, eating disorders and painful relationships.

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Are you offering individual therapy?

Preference for individual therapy is offered to members of the Men's Group or those who have attended the Men's Intensives.